SQL Server

So i am looking to make an SQL Server. Where should I start to make one?

sql = Structured Query Language

so sql is a “language”, not a server. sql is used to access databases (mySQL for example), and a database can be hosted on a server. What are the plans for your database? How will users access it?

i understand SQL is a language. I just want to know how to make a server. It’s gonna be used to make and hold user membership on a website. Any advice?

make a server? You weren’t planning to host one, right? That is potential very dangerous, rather find a freehosting. there are some tips here

okay, so (my)SQL + php + html,css? Sounds like a good idea, there is some free hosting as well, you can find it with google.

If you simple want to build something you can install xampp, it contains everything you need, you watch a youtube video and everything should be good.

No, I was not hosting the server. And thanks for everything else! You were very helpful and I therefore applaud you! Thanks!

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