SQL "Schema undefined." and nothing returns


Hey guys,

I’ve recently started Data Science path and had no problems with the platform so far.

Today I want to start SQL: Intermediate (LINK) and the Database Schema says “Schema undefined.” all the time. Also, can’t return any queries so I can’t see any results of my codes, makes my learning difficult.

Like I said, had no problems before but now nothing returns on the platform. I tried previous SQL projects as well. What happened? What should I do?

Thank you!


Hi, I m facing the same problem. This is happening since morning. Yesterday it was working fine but today I m not able to see ouptut of queries on all courses


Same here. Select or any other queries do not return any results. I am also working within the intermediate SQL projects section.



Me four – I went back to look at the basic SQL section and it was happening there, too, so I figured it probably wasn’t just me. Frustrating, as I’ve just brought pro and I was keen to try to catch up so I can finish the data science path in the next month or so! =’(


Me five, I’m facing same problem. Just starting SQL today, I thought that I made something wrong.


Same with me. Yesterday everything was fine. Tried Chrome and Firefox. Please, fix it.


The same for me! Yesterday it was working perfectly!
Does anyone know how long until this bug is fixed?!

Thank you!


It’s working now! :rocket:
Problem solved!
Thank you!


Still not working for me – guess I’ll check back in at the end of the day to see if anything’s changed. But hey, it’s nice to meet some fellow SQL-learners, even under the circumstances! =D


Still happening with me too. Just started the Data science path with PRO and it is really sad that I am unable to see the results and nothing returns. Submitted Bug reports on the page but nothing yet.

Hopefully it get’s sorted soon! Nice to meet you all either way!


It’s okay for me now. I don’t know why some people experience issues… :confused:


Sometimes when things update here on Codecademy, there is an issue that follows the update.

I hope this helps =)