SQL Quiz 4

On the image below

I think the answer is students.teachers_id = teachers.id

Am I wrong?

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It’s a quiz. We can’t give you the answers. Learn from your mistakes. If you think that’s the answer, go ahead and see if you’re right. :slight_smile:

Guess what, I am really frustrated. I am experiencing too many bugs in your system.

Please remember I paid to learn and not to get confused.

I think the correct answer is not in that option so that’s why I am asking if this is only a bug. Or am I just confused I asked am I wrong, I did not ask what’s the answer if I am not mistaken.

So you are saying that the correct answer is not there?

If it is a bug, then I believe there is a report you fill out for bugs.

Exactly… Yep I think that’s a good idea, thanks!

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The error is still there…

I follow you on the “so many bugs here”, and the report system should be present on all pages (quizzes, projects, courses,…)