SQL Questions

Hello This Is Me!

Where is SQL on codecademy???
I took the Lesson but where is the workspace???

CC Workspace was a bit of an experiment, and the jury is not yet in to the point where full blown support is being made available. It’s a user adoption sort of poll that doesn’t have the greatest of numbers, yet.

Given that status, a SQL environment is very likely off the table. You can always use the LE as a sandbox, just stay on a lesson and run all the queries you wish.

One suspects that there is a cost-benefit ratio somewhere in all this that precludes the inclusion of an equal interface in Workspace. If you can pump up the interest, maybe that will self-adjust!

It didn’t help that Codebyte was introduced around the same time. I’d much rather look at someone’s workspace than their codebyte. Yes, that is a bias, but nonetheless, codebytes are a pain in the arse.


ok thanks for telling me

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