SQL query: BETWEEN Question


In the example given for the BETWEEN operator, why are all records A up to but not including J returned. Yet with the year example all records 1990 and including 2000 returned? The two queries look to be written the same. Why with names are J not included but with year 2000 is included?

Please post a link to the exercise. Thanks.

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All the documentation I could find says BETWEEN is inclusive of both lower and upper value, but the proof is in the pudding, for text, the upper value is exclusive. Wish I could find some explanation for this, but so far, none. Will need to do more digging. If you find a definitive answer, do please share it with us.

It doesn’t make sense, though. How does one get up to Z?

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I will update once I test it out a bit more, strange right?

Yes, has me scratching my head (mind I am no expert).

WHERE name > 'M'

returns everything from M and beyond.


does not return ‘Zombieland’ when the genre is ‘horror’ (or no genre specified).

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After doing some research it appears to be a much-debated SQL design flaw. Glad I learned it now before it comes up as an issue on the job!


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