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So several SQL resources on this website suggest you try them on a PC, yet there is no clear article detailing how to accomplish this. So I’ve installed Gitbash, all grand. I’ve installed SQLite on there as well, also grand.

Yet there’s no advice as to how to open things in this program. A vague YT video from this website indeed illustrates how to open a database, grand, yet this is assuming you know the names and the tables you can draw from. What if you’ve opened a database and don’t know where to draw from: you’re just there with sitting ducks with your terminal open.

Say, the World Populations exercise on this website. How would one go about and do this in a Github terminal with SQLite installed?


PS: no clue what’s meant with these tags on this forum, so I just picked something.

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I am in the same boat here. I’m ready to do the SQL World Populations project from my terminal (Git Bash). I have downloaded the zip file but there are two documents. There is no instruction to say which file we need, nor is there any indication as to how we can use Git Bash successfully and then move our code to GitHub.

Any help on this would be really appreciated!


Hey, I gave up on SQLite here on Codecademy due to inactivity. I’ve since switched to MySQL which has a pretty intuitive program to run it on your PC. There’s some excellent courses for that on Udemy.

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Hi @jwelly91,

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If you follow the instructions on this page you can get DB Browswer for SQLite set up. In my opinion, this is a much more user-friendly way to explore a SQLite database than through the command line interface.

There are numerous other ways to explore and interact with a SQLite database, but as @twan4188 mentioned, there’s surprisingly little instruction on how to do so on Codecademy. I figured it out on my own when I was starting off a few years ago, but it does take some time. Because I’ve see posts related to this somewhat frequently on here, I’ve started to write a blog post (I might actually split it into two — CLI and non-CLI) explaining the various options to set up SQLite on your own computer and how to interact with it. Once I’m done, I’ll link it here on the forums to help other beginners who feel a little overwhelmed when transitioning to running SQLite locally.

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Thanks a lot for your response, mate. Much appreciated. I’ll certainly take on board your advice regarding DB Browser.

Using that I will figure out how to interact with GitHub.

Hi! Did you figure it out how to link the terminal sqlite to github?

Hi! Do you also have a link explaining how to link the sqlite on terminal to github? I managed to open the populations query and get answers but I can’t find how I am supposed to push it to Github.
Please help.

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