SQL Newbie

Hello all! I am re-training myself for a career change and am teaching myself SQL using several resources, including codeacademy. I am also using an archived Stanford course online, and Khan Academy. I think it would be helpful to me to talk to people who use SQL in the bulk of their jobs, because this is basically what I will be doing for a living sometime this year hopefully. Looking to apply for database analysis jobs using SQL. Anyways, this is my first time looking at or learning any of this stuff, but I’m a smart person and and am somewhat starting to get the hang of it. Did anyone else teach themselves this in order to change their career? Or take a course on it to change their career? Sometimes I feel discouraged and it can feel hard to discipline myself to study so I guess I just want to hear some stories from people who have gone into learning this without any prior knowledge or experience. Sometimes I deal with imposter syndrome. I guess my real question is how long did it take you to be fully trained and confident in the SQL language?