SQL Marketing Attributions - CoolTShirts - Feedback

Hi everyone. This is my first time here and I would really appreciate your feedback on my project. Here is the link: CoolTShirts - Google Slides

Thanks in advance.



Great job. In general, for this type of presentation I would think of the audience it’s geared for. Realistically everyone is going to trust you can do the sql queries correctly so I wouldn’t include them since they are not the goal of the slides.

The data tables and highlighting are great, I would also think about data visualizations techniques to help makes these even easier to grasp (histograms, bar charts, etc.). The idea is that in a meeting most people are not looking to read intently, they will be listening to you and latching on to some visual element (which is why graphs can be so useful here).


Some background on why everyone includes these SQL queries in their projects (& why all projects look pretty much the same here as well as the Warby Parker project). This project was originally part of an SQL Intensive course (6 weeks) that CC offered back in Jan. 2019, and in order to pass, one had to “show their work” (yep, I took the course :slight_smile: ). It wasn’t a Python course and there wasn’t any data visualization instructions.

That said,

  • it might be a good idea to have bullet points of the key findings on the final slide, rather than a paragraph of explanations. Maybe do the same with the other slides that have screenshots of the sql queries…