SQL lack of databases to download

through the skill path ‘Analyze data with SQL’ there is only to projects with databases to download, which is great limitation of studying potential of this course.
Both ‘world population’ tasks I did by using jetbrain datagrip which is much more handful than browser editor.
Now im on the half way through the ‘usage funnels’ and I found very irritable lack possibility to play with the tables on my PC to fully understand the concept behind the tasks in the subject.
I think giving access to these DB’s would be much appreciate, specially for non native EN people like myself.


same story with ‘user churm’ and concept behind that.
All complex task should have db ready to download and experiment in environment fits most for u.
its bull.s.h.i.t now

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Same here! tried to see if i could download the databases in the editor but its locked!!. IMHO These db’s should be availed to candidates so that we can play with the data and master the taught concepts.

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It would be really nice to get like one or two extra databases that you can practice your skills.
Hope we see it soon.