SQL join issue

So, here’s my question; I’ve joined two tables in sql, one has manager names, programmer names…etc and the other has user id numbers…the problem I’m having is, how do I align the names to the id’s…this must be very elementary, but I’m having a real issue pulling this data…can someone suggest a solution?

Hi Sam, welcome to the forums!

What did you join the two tables on? I’m assuming the IDs(?) I’m also assuming that the IDs are the same in both tables, but, one is a PRIMARY KEY and the other is a FOREIGN KEY.
ex: SELECT * FROM classes JOIN students ON classes.id = students.class_id;

Can you please post a snippet of your code & a few rows of the output? Also, what module or lesson is this?

I figured it out…I think I just needed to talk it out…

thank you…

You’re welcome.