SQL input not reading text and numbers differently ERROR MESSAGE - Add three rows


I've never attempted coding before. In the third step of the first exercise, I attempted to add in Beyonce, Jeremy, and Taylor, as instructed. The colors for Beyonce matched the example. I returned, leaving a row between each record. Jeremy Lin's age appears in gold rather than red. Again, I returned leaving a row. Taylor Swift's coding appears entirely in gold rather than blue, white, red, gold, and red. When I ran the code, I was instructed to add three more rows and got the same message. I deleted the added rows and the rows between the data and got the same message. "Back" does not help. "Next" is not an option. I've triple checked everything, what can I do?



This is not something we want to hear in a SQL course forum. If it is indeed true, then this conversation is over.


I was directed to this site as a "safe" place to become familiar with coding so as to help children and families that might see careers in computer science as "off limits". That was certainly the case with me when I was younger. Though it is intimidating, I believe I'm never too old to learn, if only to encourage others around me to try. I panicked and posted a simple question. After posting, I found my error on my own. Please be mindful of those of us who might benefit from a bit of kindness. Thank you.


Just saying we should learn how to tread water before diving into the deep end. The order of progression in learning web development is to start with HTML, CSS and JavaScript then move into libraries, then move into the server-side with PHP and SQL, etc. It is important to know how documents are constructed and structured for the web. If you have no coding experience, it is better to start at the beginning.


Oh, thank you. I didn't know the order. Someone told me to learn SQL. I appreciate your help and will follow your recommended sequence. . P.S. I'm halfway through the SQL module (Yay me).


It's not impossible to learn out of sequence, but it is harder. Kudos for sticking it out.