SQL IN Operator



I noticed that in the “Queries” section of Learn SQL, nowhere does the course mention the “IN” operator, which is basically an abbreviated way to write multiple “OR” statements after the “WHERE”. https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_in.asp

I’m just wondering why the course says nothing about it. I haven’t found anything about “IN” being deprecated, and I know it has been very useful to me at work (I’m just taking this course as a refresher), so I feel like it deserves some mention.



Just trying to keep this open, here. Is that OK?

Also, maybe I’m missing something and “IN” is covered elsewhere in the course? I skimmed the rest of the course and didn’t see it. Or maybe you mention it in another SQL course?

Just asking because I thought it would make sense to put it in the beginner course…



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