SQL in gitbash

what is wrong with this file?

altabz@DESKTOP-GA93FQG MINGW64 /d/learning/sqlite-tools-win32-x86-3420000
$ ls
acs-1-year-2015.sqlite  sqldiff.exe*  sqlite3.exe*  sqlite3_analyzer.exe*

I can’t access the sqlite3.exer* every time I access the file it will come out empty.

It’s an executable file and the extension is .exe

Don’t you also want to open the 2015 ACS 1 year estimates file?

is this the correct path of opening this file?

altabz@DESKTOP-GA93FQG MINGW64 /d/learning/sqlite-tools-win32-x86-3420000
$ ./sqlite3.exe acs-1-year-2015.sqlite

What is the link to the lesson?

You have to initiate sqllite3 first and get the sqlite> prompt, then open the file to access the db/table.

Update: I found the instructions.

You have to run this command: winpty ./sqlite3.exe.
Which should open a sqlite> prompt.