SQL - How can you integrate it with my JS?

Hey Guys

I know this is a topic and course, but I just cannot get a response to this questions by following the lessons.
Again I have to ask fellow students to explain me what I pay Codecademy for… :smiley:

–> So I just make a file blabla.sqlite and this file is the database?

I know the answer to this question is no, but then how can I make my own database?

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We talked a bit about front- and back-end in this topic:

Why did JS became so popular?

JavaScript is front-end, the front-end can make request to the back-end (both synchronous and a-synchronous). The back-end can be nodeJS (other options available as well).

nodeJS can communicate with your SQLite database:

SQLite Node.js Tutorial

just creating a sqlite file, will mean the database is pretty empty (both ways, no structure and no data)

But so

If I make a file: db.sqlite and a create my tabel, I can just fill it with data?

Suppose I make an inputform and make it store the data in the SQLite file, I can than retrieve information from it to make my page personalized?

But my own laptop would not be a good place to store the data since I assume my laptop and internet connection has to be up all the time?


You general run two (or more) environments:

a local version of the project on your machine for development.
a production version which is always up, generally hosted on an external server

Given you are still in development mode, you don’t need a server yet