SQL first timer

Already on the first exercise the first line of code I am to write is SELECT * FROM. Well after reviewing the glossary and looking up and down the exercise I see no reason or meaning to the asterisk. This is where my frustration lies with coding,in that some symbols arent mentioned or defined. For someone like me that throws me off because(call me crazy) I like to know what something in a language means. If I was learning a verbal language like English for the first time you wouldnt leave out the reason or meaning for the word THE would you. Plain and simple Im tired of being frustrated at every facet of computer science.

Hi @wrcj88,

I’m not sure if you are asking for advice on learning computer science in general, or would like to give a suggestion on course content to the author or if you just want to know what an * means in SQL. Those are all reasonable desires and if you have time to be more specific then we can steer you in the right direction.

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