SQL Create a table problems please help

Here is my issue please help.
When i follow instructions for task number 1 , when in column 3 which is “birthday DATE”
when i write DATE its written in light blue…its meant to be white why isnt it in white? it seems to be effecting my overall code. please help.

Create a table named friends with three columns:

  • id that stores INTEGER
  • name that stores TEXT
  • birthday that stores DATE

Can you provide a link to the lesson? Is DATE a data type the lessons have presented?

I’m having the same issue. Here is the link to the lesson and my code.



Delete the comma after DATE and you should be good to go.


DATE will appear blue in the Codecademy editor, but it shouldn’t affect your code. If you aren’t able to create the friends table, it is due to another error in your code. Make sure there is no comma after DATE and there is a semicolon at the end of your CREATE TABLE command.