SQL Course

Whenever I type the correct answer it keeps telling it’s wrong. Help?

No problem! Just paste the code that it’s not permitting with the description of the problem (maybe should copy and paste the exact instructions).

But that’s the thing. I even copied and pasted the correct answer and it still says it’s wrong. It only passes when I get the solution, which is the exact same as my answer.

I mean paste it here.

Sometimes copy paste won’t work because of formatting. Or because their example solution is wrong (unless it’s the automatic, “show solution” solution).

@h1lo in the sql exercises, I do believe you’re not supposed to have other queries around, just the solution query. So if you type in a correct answer and still have the previous correct answer, it will throw an error (if I remember correctly).

It’s happening for every exercise.

Does this mean that it keeps the answer I wrote in a previous exercise? I thought it refreshes every time I go to a new module.

I meant if it’s in a single page. If you go to the next lesson it won’t remember previous ones.

It’s happening for every exercise.

Then it could be something you’re doing. I did the course fairly recently and I don’t think there was a major problem. But it’s probably a minor fix!!

Ok so I exited out of the page and went back to the course. It started working again. Kind of frustrating, hope it doesn’t happen again.

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