SQL command line interface setup

good afternoon, i’m a new student and currently on command line interface setup (https://www.codecademy.com/paths/data-science/tracks/analyze-data-sql-go-off-platform/modules/analyze-data-sql-learn-off-platform/articles/command-line-setup) and I’ve successfully completed the ‘Try it out!’ section. However, two things are bothering me. First, some things didn’t operate as expected. For instance, in ‘Try it out! #1’, I cannot use the ‘enter’ key for a response. I’ve learned to hit the space bar then Tab twice to get the following: ‘Display all 84 possibilities?’ My question is, Is this normal for command line key behavior? After this I can use the ‘Enter’ key.

Second, I’m certain I have an install issue. The setup installed to my C-drive, but GitBash is looking and storing in my Y-drive. Here’s what I know: When I click on GitBash I get the following: ‘Could not load icon’, then a path, then ‘The system cannot find the file specified.’ The GitBash window still opens after I click ‘I see’. The top of the window is ‘MINGW64:/y/’.

As i mentioned, I’ve successfully completed the ‘Try it out!’ section, but i’m hesitant to continue this lesson without understanding and hopefully fixing these two issues.

Patiently waiting, but I’ll buy another computer if I have to.