SQL - Codeflix User Churn Project

Hey all,

First time submitting a project, first time making slides! I don’t even really know how a presentation should look or what the tone should be (I’m a musician, so this is a whole new world to me…) and would love feedback, if y’all have a few minutes to spare.

Here’s a link to my project

Thanks fellow learners!



Hi Johanna, looks like nobody review your project yet, so I had a go at it.
I’m obviously no expert here (I just finished the project myself), but here are my remarks:

  • The queries we accurate and well formatted
  • The report was clear and spot on
  • The concepts seem to be well understood

I have one “critic” concerning the bonus question:

  • the way you queried produces a result grouped in months and segments, but with a large number of segments this would not be a readable result (especially if you increase the time frame as well) as the number of rows would become too important.

I am not sure that my solution (basically pivoting the table to have the months as columns and grouping the segments) is really however.

Overall, excellent job. Keep up!



Thanks so much for taking the time to review my project, @fabes67 ! It’s been a little while since I completed it, so I can’t recall what the bonus question was. I’ll have to take a look at that. Thanks again for the feedback!