SQL- Between clause for text data type

Hey, I don’t understand why the resulted table only shows names up to ‘J’, with ‘J’ not being included. It only works if the name only consist of the letter ‘J’.

FROM movies

I’m aware that you could write the same code as following:

FROM movies
WHERE name >= 'A' AND name <= 'J';

Yet that makes me even more confused. Can someone explain why ‘J’ is not included? :confused:

Because it looks at the entire string and not just “J”, so you’d only get movies that start with A-I, or just the letter ‘J’. It wouldn’t get you a result of “Jaws”.

You could use:

substr(name,1,1) BETWEEN 'A' and 'J'

Or you could use:

WHERE name >= 'A' AND name <= 'I'

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