SQL basic questions



Please help a newbie. I ran through the SQL lessons on here. I understand how the codes work and how to manipulate data but I have no context for where it all happens. Its like I learned the rules of football but no one showed me how to get to the stadium. So what do I have to get on my computer to start manipulating data? I am brand new to coding in general and still get lost when I have to punch anything into the terminal. I am in research and what I am trying to be able to do eventually is move lots of data around, try to find meaningful data in a lot of noise and create tables that can update automatically by loading new data into a separate place. Can anybody point me to some resources for getting started with this. I don't mind doing the work I just hate to think I might waste time studying the wrong tools or language and not figure it out until 3 months down the road. Thanks a bunch.


Hey @jbwill910! The football stadium is refered as the place for football. And the 'place' for SQL Server coding is in a IDE Called dbeaver.. Download this app and you are set. Pls if you have any additional questions ask them!


Does this work for mac?


im preety sure. Check it and reply me with your progression.


I’m brand new to this too and I was looking for this answer as well. Thank you!