Spotted Lanternfly - Flower Shop : Offering help and Accepting Feedback (E-Commerce APP - REST API)

Project Description
This is a REST API where you can login into a flower shop and add flowers to a bouquet and once you’re done you can submit the order for that bouquet.

The bouquet works just like a simple cart on a web store I just like adding a little flare or spin to my projects to be more engaged with it.

Thoughts on the project
I definitely consider that by the end of the project I have a grasped the subjects that were taught . However, I think the difficulty is very high with the information that was taught. There are a lot of things that could be improved on the lessons since I was lost a lot of the times but I was able to finish the project.

This was by far the hardest thing for me to implement. Once that I was successful I now think it’s simple but so many things are working behind the curtain that I had to put a lot of console.logs and experiment to make sure I was understanding the mechanisms of it. I read many articles, watch videos about it and re-read the codecademy lessons on it but it was until I tinker a lot with it that it finally make sense.

Express Routing
After 3 weeks of dealing with passport.js I was exhausted so it was difficult to get back in rhythm after that. Luckily routing was not that complicated. Although I had to check the solution offered by codecademy to make sure I was understanding what was requested from me.

Swagger was weird. We were never taught how to implement swagger with the JS comments and express, we were taught how to use the editor wheter it was downloading it or using it on the browser. So after trying to use the tutorial propose on the project (which redirected you to other tutorials) and tried other tutorials outside I just found that the js swagger comments were cluttering the code and decided to do it on the swagger editor as taught and just convert it to json and added it to the express route with what I learnt from the tutorials

How long it took me
It took me like a month and a half to finish the project of working monday through friday like 1-3 hours per day.
It shouldn’t take that long but passport.js took me waaaaay more than it had to be and after that motivation was low so I just had to push through.

There are many things that can be improved but I just decided to wrap it up and move on.

I’m not so sure if I’ll answer on time on this server so you can contact me by discord if you need help. Just make sure to check the repo first! Is not perfect but it can help.
Discord: Chears#5876