Spotify "Jammming" Project bug AGAIN :(

Hi, good evening, I’m stuck in the Spotify Jamming project, first of all in the TrackList component when I try to make the .map to the prop this.props.tracks I get the error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘map’) , I solved this by adding a ?, that is: this.props.tracks?.map(element => …), now I tried to add the prop isRemoval={this.props.isRemoval} to the element, but this, is it undefined for some reason? Although react dev tools says that it is defined? So, I did the following code to “try” to debug and got this:

i fix it myself again xD if someone has the same problem: codeacademy tell us to Pass .removeTrack() to the Playlist component as an onRemove attribute.
But for some reason didn’t work for me (I think that have relation to my solution of putting an ? To mytracks?.map…(this because it didn’t work if I don’t put? For some reason…)
anyway the solution is to pass this.removeTrack with the attribute name of onRemove to the < - SearchResults - /> component and then pass the onRemove to the tracklist :slight_smile: