Sport.add("Football") not adding?


import java.util.*;

public class GeneralizationsD {
	public static void main(String[] args) {

ArrayList<String> sports = new ArrayList<String>() ;

		for(String sport : sports) {


		//Major cities and the year they were founded
		HashMap<String, Integer> majorCities = new HashMap<String, Integer>();

		majorCities.put("New York", 1624);
		majorCities.put("London", 43);
		majorCities.put("Mexico City", 1521);
		majorCities.put("Sao Paulo", 1554);

I can't figure out why its not adding the new sport "Football" to the sports ArrayList. What am I missing? Any Help would be appreciated.


Why do you say that it isn't being added?


I've tried several times to add football to sports arraylist and it will not allow me to proceed in the lesson. I have quadruple checked my notes and other examples. I think that something very small is missing or that something is wrong with the lesson.

just for me to double check..

to add a new ArrayList called sports that keeps track of String types, I would write:

ArrayList < String > sports = new ArrayList < String > () ;

this allows me to move to step 2 in Lesson 13, where you must add "Football" to sports. For that I have been adding on the next line:


Not working. I keep getting the red "X" that won't allow me to move to the next step to add "Boxing".

Any ideas?? I wanted to finish this a few days ago, but have tried so many different variations....still with no luck.


I'm not getting any error message, which leads me to believe that I used the add method correctly, however I'm stumped


Do you think it's being added or not? Your posts contradict each other.

If you're unsure about whether you added it, can you think of a way of finding out? Guessing doesn't do any good.
You won't be able to solve anything if you don't identify the problems first. So start there.