Spool keeps spinning


Hello, it seems like when i click return or enter to see if my code works, the stool constantly spins, I have closed and re-opened my browser, even switched but to no avail. Anybody else having this issue and what fix's are there??

Thank you,


Do you have any code in the shell that is prompting the user?
if you do then when you click submit the interpreter will halt and give control to the use meaning, it will be listeneing for keyboard events from the user before it can resume parsing.
make sure to enter something



Sorry for my misunderstanding but can you elaborate what you mean exactly? For example, I am doiing the Ruby lesson and it I input the following, again, at first it was fine now the spool issue seems to have returned when the coding is a bit more complex;

print "What's your first name?"

first_name = gets.chomp

I hit enter and it still keeps spinning.


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i see what your saying, thanks man!!!

btw warriors lost yesterday