#Write your function here
#### So this is trickier as it is requiring to use your other experiences to be implemented.
#### I am going to go through step by step of exactly why the answer is the way it is.

def middle_element(lst):
#*** Create a function (def variable) called 'middle_element'(def middle_element()) that has one parameter named 'lst'(def middle_element(lst)). #

#*** If there are an even number of elements...
  if len(lst) % 2 == 0:
# This is to determine if this is an even or a odd number.
# -- 'len', is used to count the numbers associated with the variable. In this case there is 6.
# --- 6 % 2 == 0, this means anything left over will be the number shown. If it breaks even, its 0.
# ---- 0 == 0:

#*** the function should return ... the middle two elements. 
    sum = lst[int(len(lst)/2)] + lst[int(len(lst)/2) - 1]
# - sum is to create the variable.  The return will be able to simply divide it by 2.
# -- to look at this simpler, its doing this 'sum = lst[ /2] + lst[] - 1'
		# 'int' must be a number only.
  	# 'len' means to determine the total series of numbers, in this case 6
    # The int and len are taken into accountability for the 'lst' and it will be divided by two
    # So therefore, lst[(6 / 2)] is 3.  Alas lst[3], 3 is -4 in the list.  
# --- Finally, if you take the knowledge from the first one, and subtract the next one by 1, you get 2 and 3. Grand Total is lst[2] + lst[3]; or -10 + -4 = -14.

#*** return the average of the middle two elements
    return sum / 2
# - return -14 / 2 = -7

#*** If there are an odd number of elements in lst, the function should return the middle element. #
    return lst[int(len(lst)/2)]

#Uncomment the line below when your function is done
print(middle_element([5, 2, -10, -4, 4, 5]))

Thank you! This one had me stumped, but after you explained it, its so simple!

You are very welcome! Always happy to help!

This may be obvious but,
How do you know to do -1 from the middle index… rather than +1?

As far as they have taught, there is no exact input to put in the middle.

  1. The one above " /2" takes the len and divides it by two. If its even it will take the middle one.
  2. next one is to cut it down according. So instead of -1, you will go further back (-2 or -3) depending which one you wish to focus on.

This was really helpful thank you frankynyny

Thank you very much, @frankynyny. I was stuck as ■■■■ and your explanaition was excellent. :smiley:

Happy coding.