Splitting strings ii

When I started this challenge yesterday the “authors” list was the following:

authors = "Audre Lorde, William Carlos Williams, Gabriela Mistral, Jean Toomer, An Qi, Walt Whitman, Shel Silverstein, Carmen Boullosa, Kamala Suraiyya, Langston Hughes, Adrienne Rich, Nikki Giovanni"

I failed to pass this challenge. But when trying again today, and “resetting the workspace” the “authors” list changed to the following:

authors = "Audre Lorde,Gabriela Mistral,Jean Toomer,An Qi,Walt Whitman,Shel Silverstein,Carmen Boullosa,Kamala Suraiyya,Langston Hughes,Adrienne Rich,Nikki Giovanni"

My quesiton is: Did I mess something up?


No, you didn’t mess anything up. It appears that there may just be two different strings that could be used for the exercise. It shouldn’t change anything about the workings of the exercise.

Thank you very much.

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