Spinning Wheel of Doom


Clicking 'Run' on the 6.min exercise of Aggregate Functions produces an eternal loading wheel. No amount of waiting, refreshing, re-entering, browser changing, cache clearing, or computer restarting allows me to proceed. I am pretty confident that the code I have entered is correct and that it is a problem with the interface:

SELECT name, category, MIN(downloads) FROM fake_apps
GROUP BY catgeory;

I had a similiar problem earlier on with a different exercise and checked the forums, discovering that leaving off the semi-colon at the end somehow allowed you to proceed. However, the semi-colon is absolutely essential in this exercise, so there is no such workaround.

Hopefully this will be resolved tomorrow.


well, is word 'category' should be like 'catgeory' in your code? may be you just pay not enought attention on correct letter-to-letter coding, or may be some problem with site.