Spent time on Codeacademy, now make $10,000 Freelancing

Hi everybody,

I’d like to share what Codeacademy has allowed me to do in hopes of inspiring more people to get into programming themselves and to see that you can greatly reap the benefits after spending some time learning:grin:

I spent around some time on Codeacademy starting out with learning Html and CSS and progressing to Java because I had a massive interest in making things. I was young starting out so I had plenty of time on my hands and me getting bored one day and having an interest in computers lead me to Codeacademy.

It was frustrating at times through the courses because of some errors I couldn’t figure out but I still kept on progressing. After Finishing some courses, I figured I wanted to learn some more advanced development and started learning C# and Unity3D to develop full-fledged games. I spent a year creating some small games and a full Subway Surfers Clone for myself where I learned the ins and outs of Unity and became good enough at C# to start getting paid for my work!

I signed up to a website called Fiverr, created a profile and everything just took off from there. My first order was for $100 (which I found amazing that anyone was willing to pay that much to a new Fiverr Seller) and after that order, I got my first completed gig and 5-star review.

My HTML skills from Codeacademy allowed me to set up a website for my freelance business which gets 100 hits weekly and also progress to more intricate projects.

Now my total Fiverr earnings amount to over $10,000 (not including any other freelance work outside Fiverr) for 2017 and am projected to do much more in 2018 and this is only after one proper year of selling.

Fiverr: https://Fiverr.com/deivid0111


We’re so glad that you’ve been able to turn your skills into a real money maker – congratulations!


this is a such an inspire