Spelling Bee app that relies on voice input. How difficult is it to make?


As you can tell from the title, this app would give you a word and you would have to spell it out loud. The app should be capable of registering the letters you pronounce and thus tell you if you spelled it correctly or not.

I’m quite new to programming and I was thinking about working on this as my first project. How difficult will it be and on what languages and tools should I be focusing ?


Voice input? I hope you can find a library for it (or API, as nico pointed out), writing voice input is super difficult. You need a team of developers and a whole lot of time to write your own voice input app


There’s always the google speech recognition API (or libraries which allow you to work with it) in several programming languages.
It’s possible to make a very simple version without too much experience.


Yeah I thought voice input should be difficult but I’m thinking the app only needs to be able to recognize 26 letters (or does this just sound very simple but is very hard actually ?).


but people will pronounce letters different, so it is rather difficult. I would take nico suggestion, and implant the google speech recognition API


It’s very hard, but luckily you don’t have to do it all yourself. You can stand on the shoulder of the giants who came before you, and already made this. I wouldn’t suggest making it yourself.


Well I guess it won’t hurt to try. Anyway, thanks for the info and help guys :slight_smile: