Special marks on command line


I am doing some exercises - not on command line - and I was thinking how to get some special marks if they are not on your keyboard? For example: | . It is not the most efficient way to google and then copy-paste them when writing code - command line or not.

I already tried to see if there is a topic of this in here. Google offers Alt + xxx (not working with me - I have no numpad = laptop) with and without Fn and “copy it from word”. I have linux/debian with QWERTY (if it means something).

Thank you for your help!

What country are you from? Some countries have different keyboard layouts (talking about the physical keyboard here)

You could try to set the keyboard layout (software wise) to en-US? This must be somewhere in debian settings.

I have Finnish/Swedish keyboard.

Ok, I try by changing the keyboard (and google the corresponding keyboard for characters).

Thank you!

edit: I added a shortcut to switch between my own and US keyboard where I have extra marks. Now I have it and can change it easily :slight_smile:
Thank again!

the Finnish keyboard does not seem to have it indeed. Setting the keyboard layout to US should indeed do the trick, and given its Linux, it should be easy to make a keybinding to switch between FI and US.

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