is this website in spanish ? beacause i cant find it :frowning:


Spanish has been supported for the HTML & CSS track, but those tracks have not yet been scheduled for the upcoming refit, as far as I know. Go to you CC profile page and scroll to the very bottom. There should be a language pull-down menu at the right. Set it Espanol, wait a moment, then refresh the page. You should be in the Spanish dashboard for the current course. Let me know if I'm off my nut with this advice.


yea i put in spanish the link add /es and nothing happend


Let me check it out. With the changeover we have been experiencing some problems in the other language tracks, but I cannot put my finger on any, just now. I went through those tracks years ago.

When I do this, It returns me to the dashboard with a Spanish course menu on the left.

HTML & CSS - Traducción al Español (América Latina)


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