Spanish Language


When I change the language to Spanish on the Codecademy Home Page, it does not work
please fix for spanish speaking people
Also the copyright symbol displays as “&copy”


Hi this probably isn’t the right category for these type of posts. I’ll ask @alyssavigil to pass it on though.


Ah, I am able to reproduce.
Unfortunately, and without having chatted with our engineering team yet, I would conjecture that this is less of a bug (the page not translating) than it is the result translations not existing in our database. I will ahve to confirm that, though. Thanks @tony9173014211 for flagging this and @alexcraig for pulling me in. I’ll check in with our team on this.


As suspected: the toggle is working, but we need to translate the strings.

When it comes time to do this, I’d love to investigate what it might looks like to partner with some community members on translating the site. If anyone is interested in helping out, please DM me :slight_smile: