Spanish Courses

Why are there no longer courses in Spanish?

Let’s put this question another way… Why are there no Spanish speaking partners stepping up to the plate to take on translation of the current slate of courses? There’s your answer, in a twisted sort of way.

Oh, I didn’t know someone could go on and translate the courses. Because if that is the case, would be nice to know how to help. :smiley:

It’s a little more complicated than that. CC doesn’t want to do the translations in house, as I understand. They may want corporate partners offshore to oversee the courses in the language of their country. There is a huge expense to carrying these courses. Licenses, cloud servers, host servers, CPU time, platform engineers, content creators, advisors and teaching coaches, not to mention administrative and marketing. I’ve said before that offices in places like São Paulo, Barcelona, Zurich, Singapore, etc. would permit content creation and hosting for those markets and languages with much closer oversight. Whether such a franchise would ever come about, who can tell?

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