Span = True eggs = False


Replace this line with your code.


sorry! i did't understand.
it doesnt make sense

Span = True eggs = False

Do you need any help :slight_smile: ?


I have the same problem as well for the exercise A Matter of Interpretation
I did exactly as the one for variable spam and there was no error but I keep getting error for "eggs" and I am clueless as to how to proceed


Same issue. Did you able to figure out?

my_variable = spam
my_bool = True
So, far that part work. The next part is the one is not working for me. Keeps saying to define eggs.


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Always you should create a new topic :slight_smile: don't post on someone else's topic.

this article will help you to make a new topic :slight_smile:


can you please post your code so we can see it :slight_smile: ?


read the instruction carefully :slight_smile:

0.1 Create a variable called spam and assign it the value of True.

So your variable name should be spam and the value of it should be True

same for the next one


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