Span Not Working for Me


I can't seem to catch what I've done wrong here. In fact, the previous 2 lessons passed me with the same code, but the effects never showed up correctly in the Results. Thank you!

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<p>My favorite font is <span style:"font-family: Impact;">Impact</span>!</p>


oops. the code didn't show up. Here...


after a attribute (style in this case) there should be a equal sign, not a colon

for next time, use one of the two following options to make your code/indent is visible:

select your code and press ctrl + shift + c (or cmd + shift + c if you use a mac)

if this instructions are unclear, you can also insert 3 backticks before and after your code, like so:


the backtick is located above the tab key on your keyboard


No, bad suggestion. The exclamation mark there is fine


= sign worked! Figured it was something easy and obvious! Ha!

Thank you!