Spaceship spaceShip JS

why spaceship is not written spaceShip (camelCase) ?

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Are you reffering to a specific lesson?
If so please post a link to the lesson.

It could be that they considered spaceship to be a compound word, such as skyline or desktop.
It could have also have been a typo.

If it was not from a codecademy lesson, than the person may have not been used to using camel casing.

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Thank you for you answer. It’s in the exercice of the object’s lesson (Accessing Properties). Codecademy give this name ‘spaceship’, I dont understand why, because we’ve learn in introduction of JS that we have to use camelCasing ? …If you have an idea , thanks :wink:

Merriam Websters dictionary lists “spaceship” as a compound word.
As such the lesson considered it as a single word, and it does not require camel casing.

The same is true for skyline, bigfoot, desktop, cannot, etc.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much 8-bitgaming for your answer, which completely answers my question! Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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