Spaces in css and html are errors ?! Codecademy code editor bug

Hi, Spaces in CSS and HTML are not ignored by Codecademy code editor. I waste time chasing nonexistent errors! I attach screenshot of one URL but this bug is all over in CSS and HTML lessons.

Codecademy support reply was: ‘It seems like the way our engineers have built this course requires that the spacing be uniform throughout the code. We try to make sure that we have a standardized syntax so that our learners are all learning in the same way- even if you’re able to code differently in future environments you work in.’

I replied:
“Thanks for prompt reply but I strongly disagree.
Space has NO standardized syntax. Not by Codecademy HTML CSS lessons anyway…
On contrary there is an artcile stating just the opposite.
that says semicolons also optional. Those rules confirmed by W3C CSS and HTML standards and validators. What supports your point ?”

On that Codecademy support bounced me back my error description and referred me to this Codecademy Forum.

Today I answered a similar thread:

My advise is to just chill, first times I was in your same situation, but then what’s important is to understand the logic, passing the exercises is just to go through the course. :wink:


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I know. In some cultures obsessive compulsiveness is the essence of self definition and education. I may tolerate this nuisance to the extent. I chilled through the HTML course. But the bug persists in CSS too. Frankly I already learned to type extra spaces automatically. Sadly this knowledge becomes useless as long as I leave the code editor. If that is the way developers want to be remembered - let it be.