Spaces between lists


Hi guys,

I have a question, I have probably gone through this exercise already, but well, my question is what kind of command should I use to have spaces between lists so all the information don´t look like crowed.



Whenever you want to space things apart, then you use the <br> tag. You don't need a closing <br> tag. All you have to do is add the <br> tag right before what you want to space.


UL and OL have default margins on top and bottom, LI does not. In your style sheet you can set a margin on the LI...

li {
    margin: 1em auto;


Recommend NOT to use <br>. It's a list so already composed of block elements. Use CSS instead.


I hadn't thought of that; but I agree, it would be the better choice, plus a lot less work.


A well-formed document need never use