I have some stupid question down below, how to fix the space problem without moving value ‘The Moon’

const satellite = 'The Moon'
const galaxy = 'The Milky Way'
let stars = 'North Star'
//upper is my global variables

const myNightSky =() =>{
  return 'Night Sky' + satellite +', ' + stars
  +', ' + galaxy;

//Night SkyThe Moon, North Star, The Milky Way

Look at how you interpolated(that’s the word right?) the string. We can’t give you answers but look through it again.

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Yes, that’s the word. I don’t think it would be giving up too much to point out the missing space character, here,

'Night Sky '

Being as the code is ES6, we can take advantage of template string syntax

`Night Sky ${satellite}, ${stars}, ${galaxy}`

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