Soy nuevo y necesito ayuda, porfavor


For starters, I do not speak English fluently, so I’m sorry if you do not understand much.
I’m in the course of python, and I think there are some errors in some strins and Booleans, until then I have arrived now

creo que no es el lugar donde hacerlo, pero no donde mas pueda

Beforehand thank you very much


I don’t see a problem, can you tell me what the problem is?


in the bool_two
says to be true, and I think it’s false

why False and False is False or not?


look at the order of evaluation:

the comparison is:

False and not True or True

so not is evaluated first, so we get:

False and False or True

then and is evaluated, false and false is false:

False or True

and finally or, and false or true is True


check the bool_two please, say: False and not True or True

There is no mistake in that

if you have any programming book that does not have q buy would be very helpful


sorry, what? I explained why this condition is true, what is still the problem?


ok, that just means that there is nothing wrong and I have a lot to learn, I will continue to study and try harder, thanks for your time in answering me and wanting to help. really thanks