I came here to understand how to complete a JavaScript project I submitted that requires me to use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create a page that will allow you to input numbers 1-1000 into a text box. Based on what number you enter. There are two text boxes below that will appear. In the first box it will be random numbers generated in the number you selected from 1-1000. so if you chose 1000. Then 1000 random numbers will be generated in the first box. There are two buttons. insertion sort and selection sort. based on which button you choose. In the second box, it will take the data that was originally generated and perform an insertion sort or selection sort. In a space below another section of the page. It will demonstrate the results for how many swaps were made as it relates to what was done when you selected either button. I need help understanding how to do this in the same manner as you teach online.
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A project would imply that you have learned all the necessary concepts needed, already. If you have not, then put the project on hold and get those concepts under one’s belt, first.

What do you know about form control elements, for instance? How about event listeners? Have you completed the training of programming fundamentals in JavaScript? A project is not the way to learn JS, only practice it. We need to know the ins and outs of the language before we can jump right in on a project. Getting others to formulate your plan for you will never get you very far when it comes to doing things on your own.

Yes, I finished the programming course. Yes, I understand form controls as well. You can review my account if necessary. “Getting others to formulate your plan…to do things on your own will never get you far.” That’s a presumptuous statement. I gues your ignorance assumed that I was asking you to formulate a response for me? Well you’re wrong. I asked the question after I finished my training. I simply wanted to be directed toward movies or even a curriculum that would help guide me in the right direction. Perhaps you had more advanced videos with topics you’re experience of programming has a better recollection of informing me about. Instead of JavaScript perhaps I need to learn JQuery. I don’t know. I thought Code Academy was supposed to encourage new developers. If you don’t have anything encouraging, uplifting or helpful to say then miss me with a response.

Well, you could start by showing us what you have so far. Have you formulated your plan of approach? What sort of interface are you going to create? Do you have that in place, already?

Not like we had a lot to go on, anyway. We are all ignorant until we are better informed.

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