Sorting the Hash..Did I understand?


Hi there

here is my code which is good
puts "Donne moi un texte :"
text = gets.chomp

words = text.split(" ")

frequencies =

words.each do |word|
frequencies[word] +=1

frequencies = frequencies.sort_by do |word, count|

But I wanted to know if i really understand the sort_by method
for example here we are calling the sort_by on frequencies and we attribute word and count to the keys and values right ?
but the second count written is it like telling ruby to sort frequencies according to count ?
please help


Yes, that's essentially it.

The word and count variables are used to represent the key and value in the hash, then we give the criteria of sorting (in this code it's simply count).


thank you a lot arkofocolovi :smile:


You're helpful and I am going to piggy back on this thread instead of starting a new one. Maybe you can explain why this code returns the results the lesson is looking for, but I am being told I didn't set the hash frequencies correctly.

puts "Give me a quote."
text = gets.chomp

words = text.split(" ")

frequencies =

words.each do |word|
frequencies[word] += 1

frequencies = frequencies.sort_by do |word, count|



It's always better to start a new thread for each problem, because we never know how different the problems will be, how long it will take to solve them, and it greatly decreases visibility for those who are reading the forums looking for a problem similar to theirs.

As for your code, your sort_by doesn't sort anything, you need to specify which criteria to use for the sorting.

Also, depending on the exercise, they might ask you to sort the hash in decreasing order.

I think they're also asking you to display the hash right? You're not doing it in this code.


In this portion of the exercise they aren't requesting anything be displayed. I am getting the succeeded box and a green check on the upper left by the title of the lesson indicating I've completed it.

This is what I am seeing.


And if you get rid of the whole sort_by? Because this exercise doesn't require any sorting apparently.


I removed the entire frequencies = frequencies.sort_by do |word, count| end line and it worked. I got ahead of myself?

Thanks again. Sorry for bothering you.


Great, no problem, good luck for the rest of the course.


In a small village library, books are lended for their members for a
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