"sorted" doesn't work for me in the median function



The "sorted" built in function does not work inside my median function, but "sorted" works just fine for a simple example outside of function.

Both uses of "sorted" as seen in code below should print a sorted list but use in median does not.

def median(x):
    return x
x = [5,4,1,2,3]
print "median result", median(x)
y = [6,3,5,2,1]
print "simple example result", sorted(y)
# example results
# median result [5, 4, 1, 2, 3]
# simple example result [1, 2, 3, 5, 6]


Nothing results from this since no assignment is made.

n = sorted(x)

To do an in-place sort use,


Returning before anything has been evaluated? Where is the median?


Thanks for the response. I thought that I had tried "n = sorted(x)" before without success. But, it works for me now. Now it is on to computation of the median.


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