Sorry i need help with Codebits


I want to make a txt based adventure using script.js
When i try… All that happens is on the side the code shows, but the page is white, as it is using html.
How do i fix that so ican do prompts??


This question is too vague. No code provided. Please improve the question


Please give more information.


Are you really making a Codebit, because I don’t see one here:


I tried. It didnt work so i came here to ask
Here is a detailed explanation:
I want to create a JavaScript text based adventure, like the one you do in the lesson.
However, when i did create it, the code shows on the sides, but the white html page is the front.
My problem is that i want to be able to do the prompts and statements, but the html white page is blocking it out.
If this is enough please let me know


Sorry about that.
I put a detailed explanation below.
The reason its for this lesson is because i was on this stage when i decided to start my text adventure


Well, i would like to see the code you tried to create :slight_smile: Link to the codebit?


cool i will do it now


here is the link
i have not done that much work, but its there!


Works fine. Make sure your browser allows the prompt dialogs. I am personally not a huge fan of this method (using prompt), but it is the easiest one.


oh ok thanks:slightly_smiling:


And prompt/alert won’t show much on the html page, you need to use other functions to achieve this