Sooo...can we remove courses from our dashboards yet?

I’m really confused because I feel like this is an essential feature that should have been implemented into the dashboard from day 1.

Apparently, this request goes back to 2016 :neutral_face:

And @phoenixgirl898 is right. This is a post from 2016 where ryan, a Codecademy Advisor would say:

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to remove courses or paths from your dashboard at this time. While several users have requested this feature, we don’t have a timeline for it right now.

If you really want to clean up your dashboard, you can create a new account .

^ So this hasn’t been on the “timeline” for 4 years? Got it.

Here’s the general consensus I’ve observed from users and moderators…

  1. People finish a course and don’t need to see it on their dashboard cluttered with other courses that they are currently taking:

[ok the quoting feature decided not to work anymore but…] cloudplayer12621 said:

yeah this is nuts. I signed up for codeacademy 2 years ago to learn SQL. I have now been using SQL everyday for 2 years and have no need to continue the courses. yet I cannot delete them.

the moderator followed up with this message and then locking the thread…

zainabr1Moderator Emeritus said:

Reset course feature has been added to courses main page

this feature does not solve the problem of removing a course from the dashboard, and simply resets the progress of a course. This feature would soon later cause some confusion with those trying to remove a course from the dashboard (TLDR below):

  1. Some people accidentally join paths/courses This example is a bigger overarching problem with clarity on how paths connect to courses that some people may already be taking, but it still was caused by and made much much worse by the lack of a remove course from dashboard feature.

7 days ago:

TLDR: This guy tried to remove a path from his dashboard that he accidentally joined, but instead reset the progress for a subsequent course in that path that he was actually taking. Oh, and it didn’t get removed from his dashboard of course.

  1. Some people have taken outdated courses (i.e. Python 2 -> Python 3) and would like to remove it from their dashboard to reduce clutter:

the moderator would respond:

Really!? Create a new account in order to remove a course from a dashboard? How is that at all efficient? You can’t transfer progress to the new account, so there’s literally no point in doing that. Like the moderator says, this “fix” resets all progress from all courses, so I am very very confused about that response, plus the lack of any need to add the feature that without it creates such an inefficient workaround.

Can we please get a remove course/path from the dashboard feature?

If there is a problem with that, I think it would be helpful explaining briefly why this is such a complicated process to add such a feature to the team’s timeline.

Making a new account or telling people to use the reset progress button does not work, and shouldn’t be unanimous with the ‘remove from the dashboard’ feature anyway. And as we saw above with @slacle, this actually further confuses things.

Also, if someone wants to reset a path in general, either clarify and show the specific courses that they have in progress in that path that will be reset, or don’t reset those ‘in progress’ courses at all.

Ultimately, many people feel like this should have been added a long time ago, and telling us to make a new account and lose all of our progress instead of bringing some clarity as to why the request can’t be fulfilled is kind of weird tbh.

Hello, @bazeroni

I don’t think you’ll find much, if any, disagreement from anyone here. Perhaps, @lilybird or @alyssavigil, when they have some time, could investigate, and fill us in on whether there are any plans to add the desired feature to the main CC site?


I’m extremely disappointed that Codecademy does not have this feature implemented to allow us to remove courses from the ‘My Courses’ dashboard. This is among the most basic interface options students should have. I think I pay enough with Codecademy Pro that they can afford one of their programmers to add this in. I found a thread going back to 2016 requesting this same feature. :angry:


any updates? @lilybird @alyssavigil

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hi @bazeroni, I’ve sent your request to our product team that works on the dashboard. let’s see what they say!


Have they responded if so, what did they say?

@lilybird What did they say? :slight_smile: Especially now when there are the new paths - frontend, backend and fullstack.

I would like to just delete the web dev path, since I just transitioned to the fullstack.


let’s see what they say!

Rather than seeing what they say, can we first just check if there’s a heart beat? :slight_smile: :rofl:


Sorry guys! @bazeroni @blackjumpman @adriansomor @eshriek I didn’t mean to keep you all waiting, but thank you for your patience! The product team said they have this on their roadmap for early 2021, it will likely be shipped sometime in Q2 (April–June 2021).

Edit: This feature has been shipped! You’ll see it on your dashboard here:


Amen dude. I honestly think that its causing problems on the backend - likely related to resetting a course thats nested inside a larger one as mentioned in this thread. A good band aid solution to this would be the ability to hide courses on the dashboard. I hope the MODS read this and could at least pull off some cosmetic update of this nature sooner. It drives me bananas that I’ve got all these courses sitting there.


Thanks for weighing in @auskirk90! I will pass this along to the team.

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It was just noted in another thread that you can change your Dashboard by doing this but the Catalog still shows courses removed this way as “Enrolled…” with an altered border colour. Any chance this could be extended to the ‘Catalog’ too?

Oh, interesting. I’ll find out! Thanks for flagging this.

Update: This is intended behavior as of now. You may edit your dashboard to remove courses, but those courses will show as ‘Enrolled’ on the catalog page because the remove course option doesn’t delete your progress.

I dont know if anyone still needs to know, but in the My Courses section there is an edit button in the top that allows you to unenroll from a course.


I am enrolled on the android mobile app on the data science path but cannot remove it.

I m currently following the fullstack developer path on the web app and would like to be able to study it on the mobile app but can’t find it…anyone with a solution please ?



Unfortunately the Codecademy Go mobile app is very out of date and doesn’t seem to be actively maintained by Codecademy anymore (the last update was ~2 years ago). As such many of the new courses/features aren’t included on it, which is probably why you can’t find the course you’re looking for.

If you’re able, I would strongly suggest learning off the website from a desktop browser and only using the mobile app for little bits of practise/maintaining a streak (if even that).

Happy coding! :slight_smile:


thanks a lot for your reply @notlyall !

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