Somewhat off topic: how to break out of running console


so while i was doing the 'while' example -

while choice != 'y' and choice != 'n':  # correct code

i had put an 'or' instead of 'and',

while choice != 'y' or choice != 'n':  # incorrect code

and got into a infinite loop that kept running in the console. i had to read it out load a couple of times to understand the difference.

question is -
how do you break out of this with out having to reload the browser window and loose the code that you have typed?


It should time out in codecademy's environment. If not, reload page, there are no controls to kill it.

The code should save when you run it.


i did reload, yet the little that i had in didn't come back to the screen.

it was only one line that i had to retype, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

thank you for the reply.


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