Sometimes you need to write the exact code whoever set up the lesson made or things won't work right

TL;DR: The Codecademy IDE should be more thoughtful of the different ways code and values can be written, and not mark something with an X when someone writes code an alternate way from what could be considered “Standard”.

I’m doing the Typography lesson in the Front End Engineer path. Most things are working fine but there are some inconsistencies that I wish were not there. When I’m calling font names or creating a font family name I’m forced to use single quotes. I’m not sure why, but I personally immediately input double quotes when it’s time to use them. I spent 5 minutes or so trying to figure out what the error was when I did this the first time. There’s no difference. This shouldn’t happen, especially when people are first learning and don’t know that.

Also, when I was doing the colors lesson which preceded Typography, the code checker was inconsistent with gauging the transparency value. Transparency can only be between 0 and 1. Therefore, I choose not to include the 0. It worked the first time I did it, but later in the lesson I was halted when I did it again. since there isn’t much to check while going through the steps I immediately tried inputting the “0” ex: 0.50. Everything was good after that.

These may seem like small things but I am not new to Codecademy and I’m afraid this is what stopped me before when I was trying to learn python long ago. There was a tic tac toe project and just like now, it was directly pretty heavily. I followed the directions to the best of my ability after having minor issues in the lessons, and was completely stuck. I believed then and now that there may have been a disconnect in syntax with how the Codecademy IDE checks code and what I wrote. I’m hoping I don’t run into an issue like that when things get tougher here but I’m feeling I might.

There is no bug, only a misspelling in the name of the font.

Try it out if you can. Double quotes don’t work