Something wrong with right lessons windows


Something wrong with right lessons windows. Refresh not working.

Edge, Chrome and FF.

Please help!

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Why is the page minimized?>
Webpage not showing properely
Why is the page minimized?>

Well its not really my code that isnt working. It's the HTML/CSS webpage on the far right hand side. There are three sections-instructions, code, and webpage layout. My display for the "website" that I'm creating isn't expanding. It's literally showing me like a 2 inch by 3 inch display with scrollers. Whenever I click the arrow expand button it doesnt help either. I want to figure out if this is how its supposed to be or is it not working.

#3 I don't know how to explain this problem


@raj @lantern12 @indrekuni

Are your'l still experiencing this issue ?
If so please provide the following info:

  • A screenshot
  • Browser details
  • Operating system
  • Are you working from home/work/school
  • Are you behind any firewall


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