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I can't move on for days, keep getting this error message. Tried on different computers, logging in and out, refreshing nothing works.


If you post your code then someone will be able to help you spot the problem.


For any exercises with loops in them, I made a point of disabling the parser with a simple syntax error that is easy to insert and remove.

<?php else ?>

At the start of each exercise, paste it just above the <?php tag. You'll see a parse error message in the terminal that indicates that auto-refresh is disabled. Now code as casually as you like. When ready to test your code, remove the errant token.


I have the same problem


Same problem, Hope they will fix it. Can't complete the course this way


Mtf, I have an issue with "Your First While Loop":

//Add while loop below
$T = 0;
while ($T<25){
echo "

Iteration Number: {$T}

$T ++;

The blue gear never stops rotating.


Go to a previous lesson. Set screen zoom high enough to hide the console. Proceed to the problem lesson, Reset and refresh, then restore 100% zoom. Paste in the error code above, proceed with your coding in peace.